2024年6月26日 露露张 started thinking about proposal ideas to gain time on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) as soon as he arrived at 世界杯官方app as a post-doctoral fellow in the university’s Department of Physics 和 Astronomy in 2023.

确保在望远镜上的时间是一个竞争非常激烈的过程. JWST是世界上最大、最强大的望远镜, efficiently producing images 和 spectra of deep-space marvels with exquisite details. The telescope’s highly sensitive capabilities continue to amaze scientists in their journey to unfold the nature of the universe.

张通过普通观察员计划申请了JWST第三周期的时间. 该周期收到了1931份提案,其中253份被选中,其中包括张的提案. 世界杯官方app博士后获准在JWST上观察12小时.

“It’s cool to think his keystrokes on his computer will be directly controlling JWST up there.”

第一次向史上最超额认购的望远镜求婚, Zhang is also the first from 世界杯官方app to be awarded time on the JWST as a principal investigator. 用他的时间, 世界杯官方app的研究人员将潜入超大质量黑洞, 这将有助于理解星系的诞生和演化. 要做到这一点, he is applying a revolutionary approach using polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), 俗称烟, 研究活动星系核(AGN)的动力学模式反馈.


At the heart of the universe’s largest galaxies lies supermassive black holes that actively devour gas 和 dust, 创建称为AGN的区域. 动力学模式反馈是agn的能量反馈. Zhang’s work to identify the energetic feedback via smoke will help the scientific community better underst和 influence supermassive blackholes have on galaxy formation 和 evolution.

“I think it’s one of the most basic questions in the field of astronomy: How does a galaxy form 和 evolve? 以前, I carried out analysis using our group’s data but now it’s time to get my own data for my own observations. 这非常令人兴奋。.

在JWST的第一个观测周期中, 6,研究人员被授予观察一系列目标的000个小时, 从近地天体和彗星到巨型行星. Cycle 2 offered 5,000 hours to researchers investigating asteroids, exoplanets 和 cosmology. 大部分时间是在第三周期, 张的周期, 会支持研究人员寻找宇宙起源的答案吗.

在提案截止日期前一个月, 张想出了这个方法, identifying PAHs as a viable 和 exciting avenue to diagnose the energy of galactic formations. 他提交了目标坐标, how long it would take to look at them 和 type of data he’d like to collect from the observations.

“这有助于我们对AGN的理解, 中心黑洞如何影响整个星系. 我们对星系的演化有了更好的了解。. “探索星系是令人愉快的,但并不那么容易.”

在接下来的几周里, Zhang will be contacted with the detailed sequence of his observations through a program installed on his laptop. He’ll enter codes that position the JWST to look at various wavelengths 和 upload them to the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, 操作JWST的位置. 从那里,模拟器将审查张的代码,然后将其上传到JWST.

JWST将执行代码来收集这些令人难以置信的数据, 和 data will travel one million miles from JWST through the Deep Space Network. The telescope’s observations will then make their way back down to Earth as data radioed to Zhang’s laptop, 他将从哪里开始分析呢.

世界杯官方app faculty have made significant contributions to space sciences research in recent years. In 2023, 世界杯官方app astrophysicists partnered with the Subaru Telescope 和 European Space Agency 捕捉到第一张系外行星的图像 JWST看到的.

同年,NASA认可了世界杯官方app的教员 新特余 获得行星科学早期成就奖,旨在建立一个行星材料表征设施. In 2022, 世界杯官方app天文学家在事件视界望远镜项目中发挥了关键作用, 有助于 人马座A*黑洞的首张图片. 世界杯官方app faculty have also partnered on several NASA-funded small business innovation 和 技术 transfer projects.

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张教授将与世界杯官方app天体物理学教授密切合作 克里斯·派克汉姆他是研究黑洞的专家. Packham regularly uses some of the largest telescopes on Earth for his research such as the instruments in Hawaii, 智利和拉帕尔马, 加州. 此外,他还担任联合主演 , a team of international scientists who were awarded time on the JWST telescope for research on black holes during the first two highly competitive cycles of observation.

“在这个时候,JWST是如此强大. It’s the most requested telescope in history 和 Lulu got time on the telescope on his first try,帕克汉姆说. “It’s cool to think his keystrokes on his computer will be directly controlling JWST up there.”


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